Repair & unlock

In this field of activity I have a lot of experience, in witch I will include hundreds of repaired laptops, dozens of fixed video game consoles, unlocked phones, countless devices and many years of collaboration works with professionals.

– hardware replace/upgrade components (CPU, GPU, RAM)
– software repair/install (Windows, drivers, programs)
– change broken displays, keyboards, charging ports
– dust cleaning and change thermal paste if it runs too hot
– speed up Windows, by removing unnecessary background running tasks
– recover important data from HDD (documents, picture, videos)
– recover damaged/corrupted critical data from virused systems

– re-flash phones/tablets that don’t boot up
– repair specific damage components (speaker, camera, buttons)
– recover data from broken phone (photos, SMS, contacts)
– SIM unlock Android (software), SIM unlock iPhone (hardware)
– install custom Android ROM that speeds up the phone and increase its battery life
– root android for unlocking administrator rights, then you can install anything on it
– unlock phone if you lost your Google account, please don’t ask about iCloud

– repair broken Mac’s, clean from dust if runs too hot, change thermal pads
– change damaged components (video card, HDD, RAM module, CPU)
– upgrade components (replace HDD with SSD, memory RAM upgrade)
– install any operation system (OSX, Windows, Linux) and any software
– remove user password and BIOS Efi password (hardware programmer)

– iCloud bypass on any Apple device (excluding iPhone 11) & any iOS version up to 13.4
– jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV up to iOS 13.2, install custom apps, cracked games, themes
– full iCloud unlock on iPad GSM version (downside: remove the ability to use SIM carrier)
– Atention: I am not performing SIM network unlock, for that there are hardware chip: Gevey & R-SIM

– gadgets, computer accessories, depending on the device and symptoms
– design/setup/implement/repair internet networks on specific locations
– install automation systems (controlled doors, lighting systems, surveillance sensors)
– find solution to improve the usability/efficiency of a device

– jailbreak: hardware and software rewrite to gain access to all the available sensors (temperature sensors, accelerometer, speedometer)
– downgrade: install lower firmware version that claim to be more stable and durable (users says that the ride is more smootier on v1.3.8)
– unlock: unlock the software limitation to the full potential of the hardware capability (bypas speed limitation of 30km/h by new EU law)
– custom firmware: create parameter to your personal preferences and riding style (acceleration time, power, cruise control, speed limit)

Repair & mod

I successfully done jailbreak any video game console possible at the moment. Jailbreak’s are performed for educational purpose only. I will not provide any piece of code or any other software that its not public, free or open source. I am not responsible for the damage results from any of those actions.

– repair defects like no power on, dead fuse, stuck update, broken Joy-Con
– jailbreak only console made in first 2 year from release date, the latest one are not supported
– all software versions are supported (up to 9.0.1)
– provide hardware tools (RCM jig) for injecting the payloads

– repair broken console
– provide MM3 modchip (PIC12C508/A, PIC12C682/P)
– install modchip MM3, PsNee, Atmega328, Atiny48)

– repair broken console
– mod with card FMCB v1.9
– repair damaged accessories

– repair broken console (no video, ylod, stuck disk, bad hard disk)
– error state, no boot, internet ban, remarry blue-ray disk drive
– install custom firmware (rebug CFW) on Fat and Slim models

– repair broken console (no video, blue light, broken disk drive, hard disk error)
– jailbreak PS4 all models, software version need to be 6.20 or lower
– update broken disk drive consoles to the latest firmware version available 7.02

– repair broken Nintendo Wii console (no video, no internet connection)
– jailbreak all models and software version
– install custom software, after that you can play any games from USB drive

– repair broken console that don’t power on or have errors
– change joy-stick, button and display from Nintendo Wii U controller
– jailbreak all models and version of Wii U, after this you can install games on external HDD

– jailbreak Nintendo DS/DSi/DSi XL/DS Lite/2DS/3DS
– depending on model and software version I can provide:
– hardware for jailbreak (special cards like R4)
– software jailbreak (exploits installed on SD card)

– repair broken disk drive, replace dead or problematic HDD
– not repair RROD (red ring of dead)
– no mod or jailbreak method has been release yet